motherwell (motherwell) wrote,

Smirking Mitt Romney Walking Away from Stuff -- Modern Art Version

I recently found out about a blog titled Smirking Mitt Walking Away from Stuff. The title explains it all: photographs of significant events, with the image of Mitt Romney, smirking as he walks away from reporters after accusing President Obama of "sympathizing" with the people who murdered our Ambassador in Benghazi, pasted onto them. So now we have Smirking Mitt Romney Walking Away From: our troops, firehosing of civil-rights demonstrators in Alabama, his own Bain Capital record, demonstrations in Libya, etc.

So I figured I'd add a few of my own, but take it in a somewhat different direction. Below the cut, I give you Smirking Mitt Romney Walking Away from Issues Depicted in Modern Art... Let's see how LJ handles image uploads...Collapse )

I tried to submit my work to the Smirking Mitt site, but I can't find an email address for submissions. If any of you have any ideas of your own, you can either post them in comments, or make your own "Smirking Mitt" post. Fun for the whole family!
Tags: art, republicans
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