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Romney's sons lie? Where did they learn that, I wonder?

I'm still processing last night's "debate" in my head, but I'd just like to say this: Did Mitt Romney actually call his kids liars on one of the most-watched shows on national TV? Since when was such behavior acceptable?

If I was at someone else's house, and he/she started trash-talking their own kids to their unrelated guests, I'd consider it both creepy and TMI, as well as embarrassing; and I might well be inclined to leave -- especially if I knew said kids were hearing it. Humiliating your own kids, and betraying their privacy, in front of strangers, is a form of abuse; and it says a lot about the parent's trustworthiness.

And where did Romney's sons learn to repeat a lie until people started believing it? Their father, like most other Republicans, has certainly given them a lot of examples during his high-profile career. I guess one should not be surprised when the fruit falls so close to the tree.

It certainly says something about Romney's "family values." It also shows how he relates to other people: not as equals, but as children who can't be trusted (because his own kids can't be trusted), unless he, the benevolent paternal leader, keeps them in line.

There is certainly a visible difference between Obama and Romney as people: Obama's personal touch was to wish his wife "happy anniversary." Romney's personal touch was to tell the whole world what liars his sons were. Which of these two would you invite to a party?
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