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So...About This Scottish Independence Thing...

I was wondering whether any of my legions of devoted readers (particularly those in any part of the UK) had an opinion on the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. There's been almost ZERO coverage of it in America's so-called "news" media, and I strongly suspect that a "Yes" vote -- which now seems more likely to happen than, say, two months ago -- will provoke one of those HOLY-CRAP-WHERE-DID-THIS-COME-FROM??!!! freakouts for which we geographically-challenged Americans are so well known.

I'm basically waiting to see what happens...and in the meantime, I'd like to hear from whoever wants to comment here: would this really be good for Scotland? Would it be good for the rest of the UK? It would certainly get England's Tories out of Scotland's business -- but by the same token, it could also take away a lot of seats in the House of Commons that are currently occupied by Labour; would that leave England and Wales securely under Tory control?

Seriously, what does everyone think of this development?
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